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wowjunkie00 asked:

What do I gott do to get you to post a selfie? Nothing like what these creeps ask of you, I would just like to see your face :) if not its okay I was jusy curious! Love your blog! :-*

You know, I would post a selfie, but I’m too goddamn ugly for people to see. Sowwy. :(

And btw, your blog is pretty cool too :)

angstbert asked:

Woops I was trying to send you an ask on mobile but ended up unfollowing you, but I refollowed woops. If you're still looking for Absol's location, I've got it. You can find Absol on route 8, and it's a bit hard to come by. uwu

Thank you, I found a few. One in my x and one in y. They’re both named Shadow :P lol.

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